August 4, 2018
1 Month and 12 days left
until our celebration.
Welcome to the 2018 Wilson Reunion page!

Join us for the “2018 Wilson Family Reunion” on August 4th, 2018 at
Bissells Hideaway located at 205 Metler Rd, Ridgeville, Ontario L0S 1M0.

This web site has been created to provide event information and updates as they become available. Please consider this site a Work in Progress :)

Please feel free to leave a note in the Guest Book, or click on Contact Us with any questions. 

Our goal is to create an opportunity for all of us direct descendants of Nina and Robert Wilson, along with family members to come together to see each other and connect. It has been a few years since we gathered together as a bigger group and it would be great to see you all in one place for a day!!

Updated : See the Accommodations page for where to stay

See our Facebook Event Page :

To reserve a cabin, keep in mind this is
a 3 night minimum & completely optional. Arrival is Friday & Depart on Monday. There are campsites available as well. If you would like a Cabin, please contact Gayle directly or through the Facebook link by January 29, 2018. She will put a hold on it for you, however you will have to reserve and pay for it directly within a months time.

For now, Thank You for visiting this page, and we hope to see you all soon!

The Wilson Reunion Organizing Committee

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